Transform your health with an annual health retreat

A personalized head-to-toe medical assessment from doctors that understand startup life. You'll leave with a full understanding of your health and a plan to improve it over the next year.

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Take ownership over your health

Every year starts with a health retreat or an at-home MD visit where we'll conduct a comprehensive physical exam and test your whole body across 500+ biomarkers – covering everything from hormones to genetics, nutrients, and environmental toxins.

Learn your biological (epigenetic) age, identify risk factors for disease, detect cancer early, and address the root cause of any health concerns.

We'll make sure you're functioning at a high level, have no concerning health trends, and uncover exactly what your mind and body need to thrive.

Cash is king but health is wealth.

We believe fitness is the backdoor to medicine and that healthcare should be more proactive than reactive. We continually review the latest health discoveries, protocols, and advances in biotechnology so you don't have to.

Comprehensive Testing
Get your genome sequenced, epigenetics tested, comprehensive blood work, and biochemical analysis of 100+ biomarkers – covering everything from nutrients, to hormones, & environmental toxins.
Wearables & Technologies
Forget normal, we tell you the numbers that are best for your body. We gift you wearables like an Oura Ring, CGMs, ewot, Withings, air & water filters etc to ensure you're on track and performing optimally.
Nutrition & Supplements
For peak performance, correctly fueling your body is everything. Food is code. Every molecule you consume is either working for you or against you. We'll help you add to your programming to give you more energy, strength & longevity.
Preventative Screening
Early cancer detection test or whole body MRI providing you immediate insight into the health & wellbeing of your vital organs and blood vessels.
Sleep & Longevity
Scientists have discovered 12 root causes of aging, we address them all to help you slow or reverse aging. We'll prolong your lifespan and improve your appearance, energy and cognition.
Coaching & Accountability
Ongoing coaching to help you refine and tailor your game plan. Accountability check in's to help you achieve far more than you think you can.
Your business, body, and goals are personal. Your health protocol should be too.
Apply for membership
Better health = better business. Apply to attend one of our in person retreats in Toronto, Austin or Miami. Or pick our remote option where we come directly to you.
baseline aSESSMENT
We start by collecting your data. Genetic testing, comprehensive blood, saliva, stool, and urine tests discover the truth about where you stand with your health.
Implement Protocol
Using the data we collected in your baseline assessment, we craft a personalized plan unique to your body. Never go another day with your body working against you.
continued support
Access world class functional medicine doctors, NDs, and longevity experts for ongoing support and 1-1 coaching. We design a custom health strategy that evolves with you.
Turning Knowledge Workers Into Knowledge Athletes

LeBron spends $1.5M/yr on his body and entrepreneurs are starting to do the same.

This makes sense since entrepreneurs are basically like high performance athletes. We don’t perform on the basketball court or in the octagon, but where we do perform is with our decision making. We should be approaching our lives like athletes. We should have our diet, sleep, exercise, and recovery designed specifically for each of us so that we can make the best decisions. Ownership does all that for you — and its made for people who can't focus on their health as a full-time job.

At home visits & in person retreats

Every year starts with an in person retreat or an at-home MD visit to administer your comprehensive diagnostics where we conduct a physical exam & collect 500+ biomarkers – covering everything from cancer, to genetics, to nutrients, to hormones, & food sensitivity.

Work with your clinical team
After the retreat, you'll get several 1:1 sessions with our clinical team who craft a custom action plan just for you. Your functional medicine doctor will review your results and your nutritionist will craft a protocol that's easy for your to implement and easy to stick with.
All inclusive world class experience
You just book your flight or let us know you want to do this virtually, and we take care of the rest. Our comprehensive program offers a personalized and extensive review of your health addressing the root cause of any health concerns. 100% of our members account for membership as a business expense.
Everything you need to transform your health and longevity, fast
It only takes 2 mins. No commitment required.
Tech is taking health seriously

Bezos is as yoked as his bank account. Zuck is crushing crossfit workouts and training with pro MMA fighters. Even Elon is on semaglutide and starting to work out.

The tech world has long been obsessed with biohacking and treating the human body like a machine that can be optimized. We want to bring you on a wellness journey that’s going to change your life for the better and propel you to the next level.

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Real people.

Real results.

A who's who of tech elite are members of our program.
Trentby Ali Morshedlou
Mark Rooper

Ownership's health retreat was like if On Deck and Bryan Johnson's health protocol had a baby. I had a great time masterminding with other founders and learned so much about my health.

I appreciate their focus on tackling the root cause of my health concerns and working with me to implement new habits into my daily life.

Portrait of a nonbinary autistic person outdoors using headphonesby Hiki App
Grace Amesto

This is a total game changer! My sleep is now in the top 97th percentile, my mental health has drastically improved, I lost 23 lbs, fixed my B12, testosterone, fasting blood glucose, and my leaky gut.

I had no idea my home was a source of illness. Skylor and the Ownership team helped me address blockers that were holding me back from my best.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is a good fit for your programs and retreats? Is this available nationwide and internationally?
How long does it take to start seeing improvements? What support will I get?
I haven't been focused on my health I'm busy and travel often. Do I have to attend an in person retreat or is it possible to do this from home?
What happens at the retreat and what can I expect afterwards?
What membership options do you offer? How much does it cost and what will it cover?
Do you offer group or corporate health retreats?
Can I pay with my HSA or FSA account?
How does Ownership compare to working with a concierge physician or executive health program?
Are you regulated by the FDA?
Human 2.0 is coming.

Artificial super intelligence is right around the corner. It will be the most extraordinary moment in the history of our galaxy. Now more than ever, we need to aim for human 2.0.

Optimal health and wellness should be a normal part of being human. If we reflect back to the early days of Uber, it was truly a magical experience. You pressed a button on your phone, and magically a car appeared and took you to your destination. At arrival, you just got out without having to worry about payment. It just happened. Health should be the same way. We shouldn't even know it exists — it's just magic. Somehow, in the water we drink, in the food we eat, in the habits we have and in our surrounding environment, we just maintain perfect health. This should become the default and you quickly forget that you ever had to strive for optimal health and wellness.

I went deep down the health and longevity rabbithole after suffering a heart attack from years of poor life hygiene as a startup founder.

So much so that I get asked for health recommendations a surprising amount for someone who’s not a doctor. It's hard to give good answers without deeply understanding each person. But staying on top of your health is hard. Most people don't do an annual checkup, and only my most health obsessed friends do annual bloodwork, track via wearables, or work with a doctor. Why? Well for one, it’s confusing AF. Finding a functional medicine doctor isn't easy, getting a dozen or so different tests done isn't fun, and interpreting the results is challenging.

Just earlier this year my functional medicine doctor gave me seven different blood draws that I had to do in various states of being fasted or not, a stool sample, and a urine sample… all of which I had to order and schedule myself with various different diagnostic companies. It was a nightmare. And that didn’t even include the genome sequencing and separate MRI scans I scheduled, each of which required more scheduling and running around.

And let's not even get into to the complexity in experimenting with some of the top longevity advice from Dr. David Sinclair, Andrew Huberman, and Bryan Johnson's longevity protocol. In this confusing wasteland of labs, tests, doctors, and lifestyle recommendations, I think there’s a compelling opportunity. What if, rather than having everyone be their own researcher, nutritionist, and doctor you had a health retreat that acts as an all-in-one annual checkup for people who want to improve and optimize their health? Imagine you go to a luxury AirBnb or hotel that feels like a retreat, where you can get all your labs and checkups done in just a few days. You could get your genome sequenced, your microbiome analyzed, you could get wearables setup and working for you, and a nutrition and supplement plan custom to YOUR body. A place where people who care about their health can go annually and get all their labs done, adrenals checked, discuss diet, longevity, and aging while in the sauna or ice bath, have a chef cook all their meals, and leave with a full understanding of their health and a plan to improve it over the next year.

I suspect there’s demand for something like this since the Mayo Clinic executive health program does over $100M in revenue per year. Its poor program experience requires a visit to one of their clinics in Jacksonville or Minneapolis and mainly focuses on early cancer detection. It''s not a fun experience and doesn’t address the root cause of any health concerns nor touch performance optimization and longevity.

Personally, I’d love a place where I could go for a few days to make sure I’m functioning at a high level, have no concerning health trends, get recommendations on optimizing my longevity and performance, and hang out with a bunch of other interesting entrepreneurs.

So I built it... and I hope you join me.

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