Get reimbursed for your training
Note: 100% of our members count Ownership Bio's annual membership as a business expenses. HSA/FSAs should cover most diagnostics.
Give your manager a heads up.
Mention to your manager that you’re interested in a program that will improve your health and performance at work. Ask if you can send them the details over email or Slack.
Hey {manager},

I have my eyes on an annual health retreat and human optimization program that would help me perform more optimally and be useful for my work.

Mind if I send you the details?
Make your case.
Check to see if it's covered by your FSA or HSA. Share how the program aligns with your role and professional goals. Use the template below and tweak it as needed:
Hey {manager},

There’s a training program called “Ownership Bio” that I’d love to enroll in. It’s an annual health retreat with peers who are in similar roles as me.

It’s the top program for longevity and human optimization, and people from Google, Y Combinator, Goldman Sachs, UFC, TikTok, and many others have already gone through the program.

A few highlights:
• Comprehensive testing & screening where I'll leave with a full understanding of my health and a plan to improve it over the next year.
• Latest thinking and strategies in the space, including how top companies are moving performance & longevity initiatives forward within their organizations.
• Collaborative, hands-on social events and discussion groups where I’ll workshop new tactics and ideas.

After I complete the program, I’m happy to summarize and present what I learn to the team. I’ll be able to apply a lot of what I learn immediately.

The cost of the program is $9,000. If you’d like, you can review the program details here:

Is this covered by my HSA/FSA?

{Your Name}
P.S. Should we invite other members of our team and take it together?
Follow up with your manager.
If you don’t hear back, follow up again after ~3 days. The follow through shows you’re committed to getting value out of the program. Here’s an example you can use:
Hey {manager},

Have you had the chance to take a look at the health retreat program I sent you? It looks like seats are filling up, and I’d love to grab a spot before it sells out.

I really believe it would help our team level up with the following:
• Understanding the current trends in the health & longevity space
• Gaining insight into how other top organizations are implementing a holistic health & human performance strategy within their organization
• Forming strategies for how our team can leverage top longevity and human optimization practices forward within our business

Here’s the link to the program:

I'd undergo comprehensive testing of the latest in biotechnology and I'll leave with a full understanding of my health and a plan to improve it over the next year. They often find missing raw materials in our bodies and help us perform more optimally.

Let me know if this would be covered by my HSA/FSA (leave this part out if you don't have one - 100% of our members count our membership as a business expense).

Enjoy the program.
Getting reimbursed is really that simple! Investing in yourself by participating in the program is a powerful way to transform your health and accelerate your career, and we think your company will agree. If you need any help or want your entire team to attend a health retreat, email